Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show

The Grand National Wedding Cake Competition

Mad for Metallics 2016!

River Spirit Expo Building, Lower Level
October 1 and 2, 2016 with competitor setup September 30 (no public viewing)

Public Admission Hours
Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

RED ALERT to the GRAND NATIONAL competitors: please make sure you stick to the theme, last year there were many lovely cakes that did not come close to meeting the theme, and frankly those are points that should never be lost. If ever in doubt, please call or email the show director.


MAD FOR METALLICS wedding cakes entered in the Grand National MUST adhere to the following ruling. “Create a fabulous, romantic, innovative, cake. Design ideas can be wide open but must not be risqué or copied. An image of your inspiration must be provided for the judges to see. VIP Metallic and luster dusts must be used only on the exterior decorations, toppers, applied side designs, hand painting, stenciling and boards, etc. but MUST NOT be used to completely cover or paint the cake-covering surface itself. Titles may be used only once and must be registered as soon as possible with Loydene Barrett by e-mail to loyscakes@cox.net or at the address listed above. If you choose a title that has been preregistered and PAID FOR, you will be notified and given the opportunity to choose an alternative.


Squire’s Kitchen are sponsoring a new, tiered showstopper competition; check the rules that pertain specifically to that special category.


After the 2016 competition concludes, sugar artists can attend a unique hands-on class with Joshua John Russell. Joshua will be teaching October 3 & 4, 2016 at the Doubletree Warren Place lower level. Joshua now a corporate chef for In2Foods is a prominent artist who has had significant professional and television experience and is an entertaining character in his own right. This workshop will be suitable for all levels. Details of the class content will be posted in June. Students will be assigned class positions on a first come, first served basis so don’t delay. This class will be very popular. Please download the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (#OSSAS) entry form for class registration signup and send ASAP to Loydene Barrett.


Relax in our host hotel room block at The Doubletree at Warren Place (also our sponsor) where everyone is welcome – artists, guests, travelers and visitors alike. You never know whom you might see in the halls; many of your favorite and prominent artists will be registered there. The hotel not only puts out the welcome mat but sponsors significant prizes for our event, so please return the favor by staying with them. Choose excellent value and good quality accommodations from a lovely portfolio of rooms that have been set-aside exclusively for us. Click Accommodations to facilitate the process, mentioning OKLAHOMA SUGAR ARTISTS to access the show price of $81 for 1- 4 in a room.


My sponsors, new and long term are such an important and integral part of this success and I thank them all most sincerely for their fabulous support and for being an important part of this ongoing dream. This event amplifies opportunities to support and promote a sponsor’s products while showcasing their latest lines, also reinforcing those that are time-tested and keeping eyes on the lookout for the new and original. Creative and clever competitors innovate challenging showstoppers that in turn inspire the collective imagination of receptive manufacturers. I ENCOURAGE contestants to support these businesses.


CAKE SECURITY is a key issue when cakes are on display. Recently we had some inexcusable damage to some of the entries at the 2012 show. It was apparent that artists were frozen in place rather than reacting. Direction given to me by Tulsa State Fair Management (who were extremely angry over this act of vandalism) is: Competitors should all be their own watch dogs and if anyone is seen touching, damaging or stealing property then first yell out loud and clear to bring public attention to the perpetrators. Immediately inform roaming security volunteers who will know what to do next to ALERT Fair personnel, there is a complete security department at the Fair but neither they nor the volunteers have eyes in the backs of their heads. Be aware, be on guard and know they have your backs!


Join us for the companion competition for a full program of exceptional divisions displaying celebration and special occasion cakes, memorable techniques and creative innovation threaded throughout the exhibit. Be inspired; celebrate the cake, compete, share, be educated. Competitors don’t have to compete in the wedding cake competition if they don’t want to or do not qualify; the wedding cake competition is only open to contestants’ semiprofessional and above. As indicated in the rules, there are two distinct shows under the one umbrella – read both sets OF RULES for additional and complete information.

  1. No COMMERCIAL FLOWERS may be used on any competition piece — automatic points deduction.
  2. Hand work scores more points than molded work.
  3. No non-edible jewelry — automatic points deduction.
  4. No cake parts or cakes from PREVIOUS wedding cake competition may be reentered.
  5. Contestants MAY NOT use COMMERCIALLY COVERED ROLLED FONDANT CAKES; you must cover the cakes with icing yourself — automatic points deduction.
  6. WEDDING COMPETITION exhibits may not have been in competition before or have been seen elsewhere — the work must be fresh and we hope will express new techniques and invention. If a cake is discovered as a redo or decorative elements reused from a previous competition showpiece, that entry would be disqualified. If contestants have an issue with a reconstructed entry the Show Director needs to be told of the issue immediately. It is too late to report the matter once the show is over. The complainant needs to be very sure of their ground. Do not accuse unless you can prove.
  7. Responsibility: Contestants must double check that all ingredients used to decorate the cakes are acceptable under the USA FDA food and health requirements. No powdered plastic or glass products can ever be used on the cake surface or decorations on a cake. Please bring documentation or contact the Show Director ahead of time to check if there is a question about any product application. Check the ingredient list on the containers.
  8. Do not use a craft glue gun under any circumstances on the cake surface or decoration; it is toxic and it is NOT edible.
  9. Ornaments and metal fittings covered with icing must not be used.
  10. Please check to see that cakes are level. Use a spirit level and stand back to view to be accurate.
  11. No coffee filter artwork, edible rice paper is fine.
  12. If you enter the show and for whatever reason do not produce a competition piece or are late and miss the setup deadline in whatever division or category that you have anticipated entering you will be disqualified from participating and no ribbon or prize will be awarded unless there are extenuating circumstances see Rule OSSAS # 14. Wedding #12





Please click on the Daily Schedule tab for information and hours and the presenter’s bios. These updates will be posted in June!


I am indebted to the amazing volunteers who flock in each year from all states to lend a valuable hand on site, specially the following principal players: Grady Perryman & his OSU students, Scott and Barbara Ferguson, Leanne Pomellitto, Glenda and Primo Galvez, Laura Galvez Nichols, Carolyn & Rusty Mangold, Edith and Larry Hall, Robin Van Hoozer & family, Marrianne Whisenhunt, Nancy Palmer-Arbaugh and Janell Deal for their consistent support and dedication to a vehicle that has and will continue to set the standards of world class decoration.

Loydene Barrett has made many selfless contributions for the success of this event even denying her personal artistic direction in the best interests of others. It must be mentioned that her professionalism and devotion to the show often goes above and beyond on so many occasions and she unselfishly puts the aspirations of others before her own.

Grace McMillan, ever gracious, produces and updates our stunning web site each year, which reaches millions worldwide. We are very grateful for her expertise and professionalism.

I am your personal guide for all aspects of the sugar art show. Please contact me at kvsugarart@aol.com with any questions that you might have.

Our achievements over this past twenty-two years are unparalleled and the event has taken on a personality of its own. So, come along, enjoy, be an important part of it all!

Kerry Vincent