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Celebrity Presenters 2014

Shayne Greenman

Shayne Greenman
Master of Patisserie




Shayne Vincent Greenman is a multiple award-winning Australian master of patisserie. A Melbourne based patissier, chocolatier, Shayne currently lectures at William Angliss Institute in the Culinary Arts Division.

Shayne is truly passionate, gifted and a sharing creative culinary artist who lectures to over 500 local and international students yearly.

Shayne has won dozens of regional, national and international awards in an outstanding thirty-nine year career, with his interest beginning at the tender age of 7 years due to the necessity to learn to cook. As the youngest of five boys and son of a very accepting overworked widowed mother living and growing up in an isolated country town, it wasn’t long before his cooking pursuits became more artistic.  His first competition piece was a two-tiered wedding cake with swans floating on a pond with water lilies and very finely piped extension work and lace which won first place and overall best decorated cake and a grand prize of $5 AUS dollars which he still keeps as a good luck memento. No one knew a seven-year-old boy was the decorator. The win caused a stir in the country sugarcraft group at the time; however it was the first step, which inspired a fun and sometimes challenging and eclectic career path.

For Shayne, 2011 and 2012 was a professional watershed. In early 2011, Shayne became the Australian champion and gold medalist in the Australian Artisan Baking Cup and was then chosen to represent Australia internationally at the 2012 SIGEP Baking Cup in Rimini, Italy where he went on to achieve the HIGHEST SCORE HOLDER since the event’s inception. Shayne holds the title Club Artii Mestieri Champion Artisan baker in artistic bread – Miglior Pezzo Artistico.

In late 2012, Greenman won the gold medal placing from the Australian Culinary Federation, Kitchen aid Challenge in the professional open division Modern Wedding Cake and flew to Germany that same day after dropping off of his entry to then represent Australia in the national baking team which placed in the Top 5 at the IBA Baking and Pastry Artisan World Cup in Munich, Germany.

He has recently been a guest Patissier  at the Ecole Gastronomique, Bellouet Conseil, and Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute and L’Atelier Des Sens in Paris, France.

In 2010, Shayne won two gold medals at the Aquinas Australian Culinary Championships: one for a Showpiece and the other for a 90 minute open division live Modern Dessert Challenge and in 2009 he participated at one of Australia’s premiere professional culinary event, the Callebaut Australian Chocolate Masters decorated Easter Egg challenge.

Another career highlight came in 1994 when he was a member of the winning Australian ‘Gold Medalist’ Team at Bake Skill Asia Pacific in Singapore.

His work has been regularly awarded and recognized by the Melbourne Royal Agricultural Society, National Australian Bake Skill Competition and the Australian Culinary Federation.

As well as baking, patisserie, chocolate and confectionery, Shayne specializes in bespoke one-of-a-kind large three-dimensional cake sculptures; traditional and modern sugar art and cake decorating. Shayne has been around long enough to see many trends in our craft return in many incarnations and he is always one to acknowledge our Australian early pioneers in our sugarcraft technique who have given us a wealth of information to draw on and share.

Shayne has recently returned to working for private and corporate clients alongside his ongoing work as a Lecturer at William Angliss Institute, in the bayside garden state of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.

Shayne has recently been featured as a guest chef on Australian TV Channel 31 and online on and in a cover story in The Weekend Australian in September 2012. Many will remember him from regular interviews on ABC Radio National discussing baking and food related events.

In March 2014, Shayne will compete in the Australian Cake and Bake show held at Sydney Olympic Park competing in the invitational masters professional division with three entry display pieces.

September 2014 will see Shayne travel to USA to be a guest demonstrator at the 21st  Birthday celebrations of OSSAS. Shayne feels honored to be a guest here and hopes to share many techniques and make new sugarcraft friends!

Shayne has many other pursuits and hobbies when not sugar-crafting. He is always looking for inspiration to capture and showcase in his edible works of art. His garden takes up a lot of spare time with an extensive collection of exotic flowering plants, many orchids lilies and tropical foliage plants that are begging to be captured, copied and replicated in sugar.

Ceri DD Griffiths

Ceri DD Griffiths
Cake Artist
Ceri. Dz Artistry & Design




Ceri DD Griffiths, Cake Artist, Owner and Director of Ceri. Dz Artistry & Design Ltd. Cardiff, Great Britain.

At twenty-one, Ceri graduated as a Masterbaker and Confectioner with bakery awards and distinctions in cake decoration and design from Cardiff College of Food Technology and Science in S. Wales. Thus started a lifelong love of cake decoration and design.

Unfortunately, early on in Ceri’s career, he developed a lung condition (pneumoconiosis) brought on by flour dust. Unable to work within large bakery conditions, he had to leave the career he loved to regain his lung capacity.

Doctors advised Ceri to become physically fit, so he enrolled in local dance classes and soon found himself on the move to London, auditioning for the top dance colleges. Griffiths says it was obviously meant to be, because he was accepted by the colleges to start a dance career at the ripe old age of twenty-five. A whole new life as a professional dancer lay before him, working mainly in musical theatre, a profession that took him around the world.

During his dance career, Ceri was still decorating cakes for show openings, birthdays and, whilst on tour, closing night events. He says, “It can be quite a challenge when you’re in a country you don’t know, trying to find ingredients to make and decorate a cake, I think this is where I learned the ability to adapt and make do with what was available.” Along the way he met some great cake decorators and they generously shared advice and expertise with him, an education in cake artistry that he would otherwise never have known.

Living and working in various countries over the years has strongly influenced Ceri’s style of design, with his cakes now ranging from minimalistic to the theatrically ornate. His award winning cakes can regularly been seen between the covers of international magazines and other publications.

Twelve years ago Ceri retired from the world of dance and returned to his first love of cake artistry. The bakery industry had changed a lot in his absence and nowadays he can be a standalone cake decorator with the world beginning to appreciate that cake decorators are respected artists who work within the medium of sugar.

Ceri truly believes in fate and that life’s events happen for a purpose; everything he has been through in his life has been to one end. The cake artist you see today would not be here without all the ingredients that have been his life’s journey, everything from theatre to travel, dance to drama. All are evident in his design work.

The rest, as they say, is history. Through his passion for royal icing Ceri is now an international judge, demonstrator, teacher and published author. Ceri’s personal quest is to give royal icing a face lift and show the world that this versatile medium is very much at home in the world of contemporary cake design and he encourages its use whenever and wherever possible.

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