Celebrity Presenters 2017


Los Angeles native, James Rosselle, is passionate about cake and where it has taken him. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, CA, James eagerly approached an opportunity to work with master cake designer Ron Ben Israel in New York City. Much of James’ artistry and technique is derived from the teachings of Ron Ben Israel and his emphasis on detail, creativity and color.  James also credits modern art, fashion and the beauty of nature as inspirations for his spectacular cake designs.

After his time working under Ron Ben Israel, James accepted a position with acclaimed pastry chef Gale Gand, co-owner of TRU restaurant and creator of Food Network’s “Sweet Dreams”. While at TRU, James honed his pastry skills with the guidance and knowledge of Gale Gand. “Learning about kitchen dynamics, recipe development and Gale’s concepts of plated desserts was unforgettable.”

In the season of 2007, James moved from Chicago to Orlando, Florida, and worked for world Champion sugar artist and chocolatier Ewald Notter.  While at the Notter School, James worked on the Notter chocolate praline line, produced in the school kitchens. James was also the lead Chef Instructor in the 24 week European Pastry and Baking Program at the Notter School and also taught cake decorating in the continuing education program.

It didn’t take long for food network producers to take note of James’ creative streak and sweet personality.  Since 2007, four-time winner James Rosselle can be seen on the Food Network series “Challenge’s” & ‘Last Cake Standing’. In 2011, James was named one of the “Top Ten Cake Artists”, by Dessert Professional Magazine, which included a two-page feature interview.

James spent some time with Bottega Louie, located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, as their Cake Designer. James was brought on to Bottega Louie to develop the cake program. At Bottega Louie, high volume production of his masterful cake line was impressive, producing between 50-60 cakes a week for the patisserie alone!

Moreover, James has teamed up with industry veterans, Fondarific: a Premiere Fondant Company, New York Cake, The Sugar Art: the leader in edible food coloring, and Marvelous Molds for his line of sugar crafting products. James can also be seen on HSN, in partnership with Fondarific, as well as his line of tools and cutters.


After successful careers in visual merchandising and the entertainment industry, a twist of fate brought Marina to the doorstep of an upscale cake design studio in Beverly Hills. There she discovered her passion and unique talent for designing cakes.  She had the rare opportunity to hone her skills while working with world-class event designers and celebrity clientele. Knowing ultimately she wanted to go out on her own, Marina enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley.  She holds a degree in Baking & Pastry Arts graduating top of her class, and was the recipient of the CIA’s Baking Achievement Award. After graduating Marina decided to leave Los Angeles, where she had spent the past ten years and return home, to the Central Coast.

Just Cake was launched in January of 2003 and Marina quickly earned recognition for her impeccable style and unmatched quality of her cakes resulting in what many have described as the ultimate “cake experience”.

Marina quickly earned recognition for her impeccable style and unmatched quality of her cakes resulting in what many have described as the ultimate “cake experience”.

Marina’s work has been featured in several magazines and blogs… including Style Me Pretty, InStyle, Bride, Modern Bride, Weddings of Distinction, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style and People.

Last year Marina & Dawn battled to the end of “Last Cake Standing” on the Food Network and despite the trials and tribulations were the only team never in the bottom two!  Marina was thrilled to be invited as a guest on the “Oprah Winfrey” show, The Biggest Stars of Reality TV.  Additionally, Marina has been seen on the Food Network where she has impressively clinched first place multiple times on Food Networks “Challenge” series. She has also served as a judge for the series. The Food Network has also featured her work on several specials… she was chosen to create the wedding cake for the winners of “Food Network Caters your Las Vegas Wedding” as well as create a showpiece cake for the first ever “Food Network Awards”. However, Marina’s favorite appearance was  “Fantasy Weddings” where she had the honor of making the wedding cake for her friends, Keegan Gerhard & Lisa Baily.

Marina brings a unique perspective to the art of designing cakes. Her background in theatre and fashion allow her to envision designs through an uncommon lens. Experimenting with structure and defying gravity are equally as intriguing to her as replicating intricate lace. Sugar art has proven to be the perfect medium for exploring all facets of the arts – for Marina, the ideal merging of artistry and passion.


Greg Cleary’s passion for baking, decorating cakes & creating exquisite gum paste flowers started in his early teens, and now with over 40 years experience he is considered one of the best in the industry.

Renowned for their award-winning wedding cakes, Sweetums sets new standards in couture cake styling. The finest quality ingredients guarantee a cake that will be remembered long after the last slice. Sweetums services are sought after internationally.

Through his business Sweetums Designer Cakes, which is in its 20th year of operation, Greg’s clients include, A-list celebrities, sports stars,  & Olympians.

His dedication to the discipline of sugar craft makes him a sought after teacher, presenter and Judge with over 25 years experience, both in Australia and overseas.

Greg is always willing to share his expertise & knowledge to inspire others in the world of cake decorating and sugar craft.

Cleary is a regular on the competition circuit as a judge and a tough competitor, winning at the highest level in State & National competitions.

Greg is renowned for his relaxed teaching style, his life like sugar flowers and romantic wedding cake designs.

“It’s an honor and life long dream to be invited as guest international presenter for OSSAS 2017. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and being part of USA’s largest cake show.”

Greg Cleary | Sweetums Designer Cakes | Box 5222 | Kenmore East | QLD 4059
TEL | 011 61 73378 2645